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Ferro Manganese

MANGANESE  is added to steel to improve hot working properties and increase strength toughness and hardenability.  Manganese, like nickel, is an Austenite forming element and has been used as a substitute for nickel in the AISI200 Series of Austenitic Stainless Steel, e.g. AISI 202 as a substitute for AISI 304.In cast Iron Manganese firstly will neutralizes the ill effect of sulphur by combining with it to form manganese sulphide in place of iron sulphide.  Manganese sulphide is lighter than iron sulphide and so tends to float out of the molten iron as slag.  Iron sulphide is retained in the melt and deposited around the grain boundaries rendering the metal hot short and likely to produce cracked castings.  Manganese in excess of that required to combine with the sulphur forms manganese carbide and increase the hardness and chilling tendency.  As sulphur is a more powerful hardener than manganese, the first effect of adding manganese often causes softening due to removal of sulphur hardness.  Also in neutralizing sulphur, manganese raises the fluidity of molten cast iron.In order to ensure a correct manganese-sulphur balance in grey iron, the percentage of manganese should be at least equal to the sulphur content x1.7 plus 0.3%.  Thus, with 0.1% sulphur, the minimum manganese content is 0.1x1.7=0.17 plus 0.3=0.47%.  Manganese up to 1.0% improves the density and strength of grey cast iron


      High Recovery
      Consistent Quality
      High Manganese content


Guaranteed Specification

  Mn Si C P S Fe
MCFeMn 78% Min 2% Max 1% Max 0.25% Max 0.03% Max Balance
HCFeMn 75% Min 1% Max 6-7% 0.25% Max 0.03% Max Balance
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