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KEY Milestones

With over three decades of quality product development, we are elevating Thailand to be the world's casting hub. You are inviting to explore the milestones that have contributed to this journey.



established as a trading firm importing raw materials.


Technical application products from James Durrans & Sons such as coating, coal dust and recarburizer were added to the list.


- Our collaboration with Capital Refractories UK a leading company in the field of refractories for both melting and pouring applications.

- We've expanded our range of foundry-related products to Ferro Alloys, Foundry Sand, Exothermic Sleeves, and synthetic graphite.


Fuji-Pine Electric started an after-sales service for induction furnaces, alongside the establishment of Thai engineering team.


- We've commenced manufacturing refractory products under a license agreement with Capital Refractories.


PIM was founded under technical cooperation from AOC.


- PIM has commenced production with a state-of-the-art production process.

- In 2005, we achieved our first ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from Lloyd's Register.

PINE transitioned from trading to manufacturing.


- After Fuji-Pine Electric ceased its operations, Pine-Pacific took over the after-sales service business for Fuji Induction Furnaces.

- The first Shell Core Machine was designed and manufactured under the supervision of Taisei Shell (Japan).


- The TQ department was established to achieve a quality assurance policy and ensure customer satisfaction.

- We installed the XRF from Bruker Germany in our laboratory.

- In August 2011, the first Fuji IGBT system from a plant in Japan was delivered to Nissin Brake.


- In May 2015, our engineering team became capable of repairing IGBT stacks locally.

- In July 2015, we commenced a technical cooperation with Meichu to manufacture and market aluminum furnaces in Thailand.


In June 2016, the first Core Wire feeder was produced under a license and technical cooperation agreement with Affival France.


- In January 2017, a new Shell Machine equipped with state-of-the-art PID control, laser sensor, and blow plate shutter, was introduced to the market.

- In February 2017, the Saraburi Warehouse underwent renovations in preparation for market expansion, particularly for customers in the northern area.


In September 2018, we commenced cooperation with Hanson Australia by importing our first bulk shipment of Silica Sand to support both the foundry and glass industries.


In April 2019 The first Meichu Aluminum Furnace was manufactured in Thailand, serving customers in Malaysia.

PINE successfully commissioned its first Induction Furnace from FUJI Furnace.


In September 2020, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) was initiated, digitizing data from the warehouse throughout the system.

Patent certification, with the Japan Patent Office registering two patents: the PID Controller and the Special Blow Plate Shutter.

The Meichu Aluminum Furnace was manufactured for customers in the USA.


In June, MF TECNO commenced the automation of the repacking process, increasing productivity to up to 20 tons per day.


In February, we successfully installed Cored Wire Station, under affival's license, in South Korea.



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