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A tradition of progress and service in supply foundry raw material and consumables and equipments.  
Since our company founding in 1989, the name of Pine-Pacific Corp.,Ltd. has come to stand for progress and improving service. And the highest quality raw materials available.
Head Office : 150 Moo 6, Bang Bo, Samut prakan 10560 Thailand
Phone : (662) 705-5900 Auto 5 Lines , (662) 073-0730 Auto 3 Lines
Fax : (662) 705-5912
E-mail :
Established : August 11, 1989
Paid-up Capital : 20 Million Baht
Managing Director : Mr. Ithinai Yingsiri
Employees : 100(Jan, 2010)
Products & Service : Cover all supplies both raw materials & Equipments for foundry industry
1989 : Established Pine-Pacific Corporation Limited as a trading firm in ferro alloys and minerals such as silicon manganese export to Germany, Japan, Singapore etc. And calcium fluorite for steel mill in Indonesia.
1990 : Start import and maintain stock of raw material for foundry in Thailand. Our product are recarburiser and chromite sand.
1991 : Represent James Durrans & Sons Limited of U.K. on recarburize, coating, coal dust, etc.
1992 : Expanding our product line extensively into ferro alloys, foundry sands, exothermic sleeves, synthetic graphite
Start represent Capital Refractories Limited from U.K. to supply induction furnace lining, plastic and castable.Supply spinal lining for steel melting in induction furnace in Thailand replacing conventional magnesia lining.
1994 : Company eye importance of Japanese related foundries in Thailand and we start our relation for the supply of Toyodenka products thru Japan Foundry Service Co.,Ltd.
First contact and represent Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. for their induction furnace sales in Thailand.
1995 : Establish joint venture with Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. “Fuji Pine Electric Co.,Ltd.”  As service company to maintain and repair induction furnace body and trouble in Thailand.
1997 : Start operate our storage from our warehouse on Bangna-Trad Highway Km 29.
Import bulk shipment of Australian silica sand for foundry industry thus giving the company experience and capability into other bulk commondity for foundry industry in future.
1998 : Expand company business on silica sand for automotive industry and increase our product line further to ferro alloys such as FeCr, FeMo, FeSi, FeMn, etc.
1999 : Start screen/supply Rayong silica sand for foundry use. And supply foundry coke from China with chemical laboratory control on foundry coke by our own analysis facilities.
2000 : Implement and apply intranet system to company operation and all commercial function
2001 : Started castable and plastic Refractory Production under license CAPITAL REFRACTORY , U.K.
2002 : Move Office to Bang Bo, Samutprakan
Coil repair started , so far 100 repaired by us
2005 : ISO 9002:2000 we have been approved to the quality management standard by Lloyd’s Register
Pine Industrial Materials started reclaim waste foundry sand and has been producing resin coated sand with technical assistance from Asahi Organic Chemical Industry (AOC) of Japan. AOC, a company with history of over 55 years experience is not only reclaimed foundry sand and produce resin coated sand but, also a main producer of industrial resins and foundry resins, especially shell mold resins.
2008 : Establish Saraburi Warehouse operation of serve customers in Northern of Bangkok area. At present, approximate 1,500 tons/month of products and materials has been handled through this warehouse.
2009 : Pine-Pacific Corporation has Started business for 20th Anniversary
Pine-Pacific has begin the work of relocating old furnace and installing new furnace for many customers such as installing new furnace of Fuji Electric 5 ton Thyristor type for Denchai, Yamamoto Foundry, Honda Thailand, Siam Castech, Nissin Brake and IGBT by using new technology from Fuji Electrict , together with proficiently technician who has more experience of Fuji Electric furnace.
2010 : Fuji-Pine Electric Co.,Ltd. ceased operation in order to re organize Fuji Electric induction furnace - sales and marketing as well as after-sales-service. From 2010, Fuji Electric Technology will handle all new furnace sales and installation. While Pine-Pacific will responsible on all Fuji Electric induction furnace after-sales-service and spare parts supply in Thailand.
Pine-Pacific produced and deliver first shell machine size 400 x 600 mm to customer in Thailand with technology from Tai Sei Shell at Japan.
2011 : Establish TQ Department in order to check quality of Refractories Product before delivery to customer under Capital Refractories License. Moreover, research have been done to develop quality Refractories Product and satisfy customer.
2012 : Start laboratory for checking quality of product such as Inoculant, FeSiMg, FeSiAl and etc. by XRF instrument. XRF (or called X-Ray Fluorescence) analysis is the method to do qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elemental composition by excitation of atoms and detection of their characteristic X-rays.