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Pine-PacificCorporation Limited provides clients with products and services distinguished by world-class warehousing, material handling and logistic systems. We apply the latest innovations and ensure on-time delivery, enabling clients to achieve the highest levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Prominent Point

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our company has implemented a Warehouse Management System (WMS), which was developed internally by in-house software development team. This system provides real-time visibility into our inventory levels and locations while managing warehouse processes from receiving to distribution and data collection. A WMS offers a wide range of benefits, including improved picking accuracy, time savings, and reduced human errors. Consequently, our company's processes have gained efficiency, leading to high accuracy and satisfied customers.

Flow racks with rollers have been installed across all our warehouses, maximizing storage space while minimizing the amount of floor space required. The flow racks are designed to take advantage of vertical space, allowing products to be stored in multiple tiers. Moreover, as items seamlessly move to the front of the racks, our staff can effortlessly access them without the need to reach or stretch, significantly lowering the risk of injuries.

For our logistics operations, we maintain a versatile fleet of 50 proprietary vehicles, committed to providing just-in-time delivery and tailored to meeting different business requirements. Each truck is equipped with a GPS tracking system, enabling our operations team to oversee transportation effectively, including routes, timing, and data analytics.


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150 Moo 6, Bang Bo, Samut Prakan 10560,Thailand


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