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Technical and Quality Control

Quality control by in-house laboratory and standby TQ department, along with specific visual inspection methods

Our commitment is to ensure the quality of our products, delivering items that meet customers' specifications and consistently maintaining high standards. We strive to establish and uphold stringent product standards to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding customer expectations while continuously improving.

In 2011, Pine-Pacific Corporation Limited established the TQ Department with the purpose of ensuring the quality of refractories products prior to their dispatch to customers under the Capital Refractories' license. Additionally, extensive research was conducted to elevate the quality of refractories products and meet customer satisfaction. This endeavor involved the inauguration of a laboratory equipped with XRF instrumentation for the meticulous examination of products such as Inoculant, FeSiMg, FeSiAl, and more. XRF, short for X-Ray Fluorescence, is a method employed for both qualitative and quantitative elemental composition analysis, achieved through the excitation of atoms and the subsequent detection of their characteristic X-rays.

Quality control holds significance for several reasons. Firstly, it helps companies or organizations certify that the products or services they offer adhere to high-quality standards, thereby assuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, quality control facilitates the detection of problems and allows prompt adjustments in the production line. Effective quality control not only minimizes conflicts between customers and companies but also cultivates a positive image of Thai Foundry among consumers worldwide.

Our Laboratory

Equipment and instruments

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

An X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer is a non-destructive instrument used for routine chemical analysis or composition chemistry in Ferro Alloy, Foundry Sands, and refractory materials, utilizing X-ray technology.


The Trumac CNS instrument determines carbon/nitrogen/sulfur in a multitude of organic matrices, such as carbon, greensand, and coaldust. The system utilizes a combustion technique that provides results for all of the elements within 5 minutes.

HPLC instrument

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) technique effectively separates and quantifies size differences in polymer trem, verifying the consistency and conformity of resin and RCS products, and contributing to quality control measures.

Digital Microscope

The 4K digital microscope captures images with high resolution and features advanced measurement systems for inspection and analysis purposes. It allows for analyzing the microstructure of various types of steel, sand, or small-sized material surfaces.

Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER

The CAMSIZER particle analyzer is an advanced instrument employed for analyzing the size and shape of particles within a sample. It utilizes cutting-edge imaging technology to precisely measure these characteristics.

Green Sand Lab

Black Sand Testing Laboratory: This laboratory is dedicated to conducting wet sand testing, such as Green Compressive Strength (GCS), Loss on Ignition (LOI), Volatile Combustion Matter (VCM), Total Clay, Active Clay, Permeability, AFS (American Foundry Society) testing, Total Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur analysis.

Our Laboratory

Eligible product groups for inspection

Carbon Products

GPC, CPC, and Seal Coal

Ferro Alloys

FeSiAl, FeMn, and FeS

Special Alloys

Inoculant and Magnesium

Foundry Sands

New Sand, Green Sand, and Sand Slag


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